Follow the steps listed below to become an MNX user. If you need assistance, please contact us.

First, create your own user ID and password so that you can have a personal page on this website. From your personal page, you can review your process runs.
Tell us what you need
If you're not already in contact with an MNX engineer, describe what you would like to accomplish by filling in our Get a Quote form. Please include any diagrams or pictures that help describe what you'd like to create. An MNX engineer will be assigned to your inquiry and will contact you, typically within two business days. After discussing your goals and design, the MNX engineer will work with you to build a process run describing the work to be performed. The run will be assigned to you and will be visible from your personal page.
Apply for a Business Account
Once you have a user ID, you can review any of your process runs under development. Before we can do any processing of runs, you must establish an MNX business account. The on-line application involves supplying some basic information about your organization, and you must also agree to the terms of the Customer Agreement.
Submit a Purchase Order
Once a process run has been developed in conjuction with an MNX engineer, in order for the run to become a Work Order, a Purchase Order must be received by MNX for the work. Please contact Christy Short at 703-262-5362 or by email at to arrange the method of payment.