Submit a Process Run

Once you have established a business account, you can submit your process run for review by the MNX. This is done with the "Request Review" button on the process run page.

We will analyze your run to see if it is feasible, and either return it to you for changes, or accept it. Whatever happens, you will be kept informed by email, and you can always track your run's status from your personal page.

Establish a payment method
Once your run has been reviewed and accepted by the MNX, and you are satisfied with the run, you must establish a payment method for the price shown on your runcard. The MNX accepts purchase orders and credit cards. Please fax your PO to Christy Short at 703-262-5367 or email to If you have any questions, contact Christy Short at 703-262-5362 by email at For further information regarding payment, see the payments section of our frequently-asked questions list, and refer to the Fees and Payment Terms section of your Customer Agreement. Please note that incremental invoices may be sent to you as processing steps are completed.
Submit your run as a work order

Once you have established a payment method (and we have entered this information into our database), you can submit your process run as a work order. Use the "Request Work" button on the run page to submit a work order.

Once your run is a work order, it will start processing as soon as all the required materials (wafers, masks) are received by the MNX. If you are supplying your own wafers and/or masks for the run, please ship them to us.

Ship processing materials
Ship any materials (preprocessed wafers, masks, etc.) necessary to begin processing to the MNX at the following address. Be sure to indicate the run number on the outside of the box.
    Attn: Processing, Run #
    MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange
    Corporation For National Research Initiatives
    1895 Preston White Drive, Suite 100
    Reston, Virginia 20191-5434
Monitor the progress of your process run

Once the work has commenced on your process run, you can monitor its progress from the process run page (which you can get to via a link on your personal page).

At any point in processing, you can place a hold on your process run; processing will stop until you release the hold. You can do this using the "Hold" button on the process run page.

Await final shipment
Once processing is complete, the final product (processed wafers or dies) will be shipped to you.