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MEMS-talk [subscribe]

The mems-talk mailing list is for the exchange of MEMS related information, views, and general discussion. It is also intended to build a freely accessible body of MEMS knowledge via the mems-talk archive. The list is sponsored by the MNX as a service to the MEMS community, and is a continuation of the MEMS mailing list originally hosted by ISI.

The list is moderated.

Inquiries about finding and comparing vendors of MEMS-related equipment, supplies and services are better directed to the mems-business mailing list.

Before asking the list subscribers a question, be sure to search the mems-talk archive and also try searching on Google since the archives are indexed by their search engine. You can do this from the MEMSnet.org search page.

MEMS-business [subscribe]

The MEMS-Business mailing list is for discussions relating to the business side of MEMS technology. Possible topics might include:

  • Finding and comparing vendors of MEMS-related equipment, supplies and services.
  • Discussions from mems-talk that devolve into recommendations for commercial MEMS entities.
  • Notices of used equipment or surplus supplies being privately sold by an individual or institution.
  • General discussion of MEMS companies or the MEMS marketplace.

Before asking the list a question, be sure to check the MEMSnet vendor list and try searching on Google. Since the list archives are part of the MEMSnet site, mems-business can also be Google searched from the MEMSnet.org search page.

MEMS-announce [subscribe]

The mems-announce list is a service provided by MEMSnet.org and hosted by the MNX. It is a low-volume, moderated announcement list.

Job opportunities and event listings posted on www.memsnet.org will also be sent to MEMS-announce. Announcements or press releases that don't qualify as news, job or event postings on memsnet.org can and should be sent directly to MEMS-announce.

To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the mems-announce archives.