About MEMS

Current Challenges

Some of the obstacles facing organizations in the development of MEMS and Nanotechnology devices include:

Access to Fabrication

Most organizations who wish to explore the potential of MEMS and Nanotechnology have little or no internal resources for designing, prototyping, or manufacturing devices, as well as little to no expertise among their staff in developing these technologies. Few organizations will build their own fabrication facilities or establish technical development teams because of the prohibitive cost. Therefore, these organizations will benefit greatly from the availability of MNX’s fabrication services, which offers its customers affordable access to the best MEMS and Nano fabrication technologies available.


MEMS packaging is more challenging than IC packaging due to the diversity of MEMS devices and the requirement that many of these devices need to be simultaneously in contact with their environment as well as protected from the environment. Frequently, many MEMS and Nano device development efforts must develop a new and specialized package for the device to meet the application requirements. As a result, packaging can often be one of the single most expensive and time consuming tasks in an overall product development program. The MNX staff are experts in packaging solutions for devices for any application.

Fabrication Knowledge Required

MEMS device developers must have a high level of fabrication knowledge and practical experience coupled with a significant amount of innovative engineering skill in order to create and implement successful device designs. Often the development of even the most mundane MEMS device requires very specialized skills. Without this expertise and knowledge, at best device development projects can cost far more and take much longer. At worst, they can result in failure. The MNX has more expertise and knowledge in device design and fabrication than anyone in the world. We can help save you time, money and frustration. If you have questions about fabrication, contact us at engineering@mems-exchange.org or at 703-262-5368.