Our Mission
We provide expertise in design and fabrication services to help researchers and companies identify and develop applications using MEMS and Nanotechnology.
About MNX

The MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange (MNX®), also known as the MEMS Exchange (MX®), is the nation's leading provider of high-quality fabrication, foundry and design services for MEMS and Nanotechnology. We offer the most comprehensive and diverse set of implementation solutions for MEMS, micro- and nano-technologies to be found anywhere in the world.

The MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange customer list includes over 900 organizations around the country including multinational corporations, small start-ups, leading academic research institutions, and government facilities.

As a community service, the MNX also operates
  • MEMSnet®, the world's most prominent information portal for the MEMS and nanotechnology community,
  • mems-talk, the world's most popular email discussion list for discussions of MEMS fabrication issues with nearly 4000 active participants, and
  • MEMS Express™ News a daily email news service that collects the latest stories related to MEMS and Nanotechnology and provides the news to nearly 9,000 subscribers around the world.
CNRI Building

MNX was established at the Corporation for National Research Initiatives® (CNRI) with support from DARPA Microsystems Technology Office and has been operational since 1999. CNRI is a 501 c 3 Corporation located in Reston, Virginia.

Originally, the MNX started as the MEMS Exchange, which set up and ran a distributed fabrication environment using the resources at a number of commercial and academic fabrication sites around the country. This operational model successfully provided fabrication services to the community on many development projects.

However, now the MNX mostly uses its own internal capabilities to provide fabrication services to its customers for prototyping and low volume production. In addition to providing MEMS device development to meet your product requirements and goals, our internal capabilities now allow us to provide production services to our customers for low- to medium-volume applications.

For high-volume production work, the MNX has contractual relationships with many of the best commercial foundries to allow customer projects to transition into high-volume production with ease.

We believe our business model is the best in the industry since it allows us to deliver the highest performance at the lowest cost and quickest time.

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