Over the last decade, the MNX has developed a collection of software packages that we use for building dynamic web applications and we have released these open source packages separately. In our applications, these core packages are always used together, and we wish to present them together so that it is easier for other developers to understand and take advantage of their combined value. The collection of packages (Durus, QP, Qpy, Sancho, and scgi), are now released in a new combined distribution called DurusWorks.

DurusWorks is a software suite for managing and presenting information. It bundles the core packages that the MNX uses for building dynamic web sites and other network services.

Durus offers an easy way to maintain a consistent persistent collection of Python object instances used by one or more processes.
QP is a site management package for web and other network applications that may use Durus and Qpy.
Qpy is a tool for generating safely-quoted XML and HTML.
This is the Apache mod_scgi module that is often used to make QP services available through the Apache web server.
A unit testing framework for Python.


DurusWorks 1.2, released on 10 June 2013.

Mailing list

DurusWorks can be discussed on the the durus-users mailing list or on the the qp mailing list.